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Sample Report (China) Co., Ltd

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Delivery Date   :   Jun 20, 2012
Printed on   :   Jun 20, 2012

Inquiry Date   :   Jun 19, 2012
Inquiry Subject   :   Sample Report (China)
Inquiry Address   :   No.3, Yongjia Road, Wuniu Industry Zone,Jiading, Shanghai
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Identification & Summary Risk Appendices

Sample Report (China) Co., Ltd

Report compiled Jun 20,2012
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Company Name Sample Report (China) Co., Ltd
Official English Name Yes
DUNS® Number 65-450-2665
Address No.3, Yongjia Road, Wuniu Industry Zone,Jiading District
Postal Code 201123
Telephone 021 57505988
021 57505989
Facsimile 021 57505981
E-mail ce1@jamierufe.com
Employees 500 (Total)
200 (Here)
US SIC Code 3648 0000
Primary Business Lighting equipment, nec


  EMMA Score Range Low Risk Group  
  Litigation Records 0  
  Principal(s) 2  
  Trade References 4  
  Media Records 4  
  Registered Capital USD 14,900,000  
  Latest Financials 2010  
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"-" stands for "Insufficient information" or "No comments".





EMMA Score Range

Low Risk Group
(EMMA 1-3) 
Medium Risk Group
(EMMA 4-7) 
High Risk Group
(EMMA 8-10) 

EMMA Score Analysis

Subject's EMMA score is mainly impacted by the following risk drivers:

  • Subject has a long history of 23 years, donating a lower risk level.
  • Subject is a limited company, which is classified as a lower risk type of business.
  • Subject's history is Clear (Complete Shareholder(s) and management information), which indicates a lower risk level.
  • EMMA Score Range
    Low Risk Group

    By evaluating all risk factors, the company is assigned with EMMA score range of "Low Risk Group"。




    HDBC EMMA Score

    D&B EMMA Score (Emerging Market Mediation Alert Score) is a risk assessment model developed for emerging market countries. It is a score developed by data profiling approach and statistical modeling, which predicts the possibility of a business in perilous status of instability or unreliability, such as poor financials, delay payment, stale inventory, abnormal operational status, etc. The EMMA Score provides you with a quick assessment of a business' risk standing, and when used together with other information, allows you to make better risk decisions.

    The EMMA Score is based on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 represents a lower risk and 10 a higher risk.

    EMMA Score for China is initially rolled out in May 2009, derived from the sample analysis of millions of company records. When using the Score to make individual applicant decisions, a customized version of this table based on an analysis of the Score against your customer account portfolio is recommended. It does not necessarily mean doing business with a company, which is assigned with higher Risk Score, will result in increased risk.

    Considering the particularity of Chinese business environment and in order to make EMMA Score analyze and reflect risk factors of Chinese enterprises more appropriately, HDBC conducted an optimization and adjustment toward EMMA Score in the first half of 2012, combined PAYDEX® to appraisal model as an important risk evaluating dimension and will try harder to deeply reflect the internal factors of enterprise risk. The optimized EMMA Score makes the scores more scientifically and effectively reflect the risk characteristics of current China as an emerging market and more objectively and deeply reflect risk level of Chinese enterprises.

    EMMA Score for China is calibrated on regular basis following D&B Global Modeling Methodology that captures business environmental change in China caused by macro economy shift and particular systematic events.


    HDBC EMMA Score Commentary
    Risk Range EMMA Score % of Report in Database   % of High Risk Business   Commentary  
    Low Risk Scores 1-3 28.9%   5.7%   Lower Risk Range  
    Medium Risk Scores 4-7 56.7%   9.1%   Average Risk Range  
    High Risk Scores 8-10 14.4%   36.4%   High Risk Range  

    The Key Drivers of the EMMA Score include the following:

    Business Information

    • Business Type
    • Line of Business
    • Employee Size
    • Sales Territory
    • Registered Capital
    • Year of Establishment
    • History Status
    • Property Ownership

    Geographical Information

    • Region & Province

    Public Record

    • Number of Negative Record

    Payment Information

    • Percentage of Overdue Payment
    • Company/Industry PAYDEX®
    EMMA Score Application
    • Low EMMA Score - May proceed to process the applicant quickly with minimal or no manual review depending on the extent of score validation analysis.
    • Medium EMMA Score - Medium Risk Scores - Recommend a manual review of the applicant based on the applicant's capacity, your internal policy and risk tolerance.
    • High EMMA Score - High Risk Scores - Requires thorough manual review of potential decline, or approval depending on the applicant's capacity, your internal policy and risk tolerance.

    Customer Service

    Customer Service Contact Information
    Web www.jamierufe.com
    Email enquiry@jamierufe.com
    Telephone 400-820-3536 (Shanghai)
    400-810-3531 (Beijing)
    800-830-9032 (Guangzhou)


    Whilst Huaxia D&B China attempts to ensure that the information provided is accurate and complete by reason of the immense quantity of detailed matter dealt within compiling the information and the fact that some of the data are supplied from sources not controlled by Huaxia D&B China which cannot always be verified, including information provided direct from the subject of enquiry as well as the possibility of negligence and mistake, HDBC does not guarantee the correctness or the effective delivery of the information and will not be held responsible for any errors or omissions therein.

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